The first platform for managing tangible interactive experiences


All of your exhibits on one platform.

Tangible interactive experiences are the future of brand storytelling. But they can be hard to monitor, expensive to update, and nearly impossible to track.

Until now.




Know the instant your experience is down, and why. Monitor from anywhere with the ability to troubleshoot and push new firmware remotely.



Easily update content and modify the experience’s behavior. Access and customize your exhibit any time, anywhere.



Create and schedule custom visits. Seamlessly integrate Gumband with existing show control systems to create one easy solution.



Track the data and metrics that are important to you. Generate custom reports to inform the success of your exhibit.



Software that shows you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.




The Gumband Dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

It shows you the most urgent action items first, such as installation errors, warnings, and notifications. Dashboard helps you easily navigate between real-time controls, scheduling, and reporting. With customized user permissions, access to controls for technical and non-technical staff can be appropriately limited. Dashboard can run off of any browser capable device.



Hardware that was invented to power interactive exhibits.




Bundle is a fully custom microcontroller that was created to natively connect exhibits to the Gumband platform.

It is built around a Dual-Core ARM Cortex SoC from Cypress Semiconductor. The system is a designed as a user-programmable hardware module with 42 available GPIO along with USB and Ethernet connectivity. The integrated Gumband firmware includes full support for the ethernet hardware and all required protocols to obtain and maintain a connection to the main server, along with full AES encryption for traffic as required. The available user GPIO support numerous communication protocols and hardware peripherals including access to the programmable digital and analog blocks of the Cypress Programmable SoC.



Knot is designed to seamlessly integrate existing hardware infrastructure to the Gumband platform.

The onboard Gumband firmware handles all of the Ethernet connectivity, AES encryption, and interface to the Gumband server. The Knot device is also a USB host that can be connected to an existing native USB device or a serial UART interface. It’s designed with Arduino in mind and supports a virtual COM port interface to send and receive commands, along with incorporating onboard in-system programming to allow you to remotely push firmware updates to the Arduino.